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The material your gold chains are made of is extremely important in determining their overall value. While most people think gold is the most valuable metal in the world, platinum has surpassed it. The value of various precious metals is determined by two things: their weight and their rarity. Platinum is rarer than gold AND denser, meaning platinum jewelry of the same size weighs more than gold, and is therefore more expensive.

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The ??60s were an important era for Seiko, as it saw the introduction cheapest fake rolex of both the Grand Seiko and King Seiko lines. Originally launched to promote healthy inter-company competition with Grand Seiko, the King Seiko name made its debut in 1961, and in 1965, the iconic KSK model was released. The luxe-leaning Grand Seiko of today is now a wholly separate entity from Seiko (think Lexus versus Toyota), but Seiko has revived the King Seiko line of late as an upscale bridge between Seiko and iced out replica watch GS. And now, two new reinterpretations of 1965?ˉs KSK have dropped, bringing an updated classic back in a case that?ˉs even slimmer than the original?ˉs.

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Montblanc’s latest 1858 Geosphere creation features a brand-new chronograph movement that is devoid of all oxygen. Why? Well, because having zero oxygen inside the movement eliminates fogging, which can occur with drastic temperature changes at altitude. But zero oxygen also prevents oxidization, helping all the components last far longer and providing greater precision over time. But who needs that? The answer to that question is Nepalese-born mountaineer Nimsdai Purja. In May 2022, he will undertake an expedition to the summit of Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen while wearing the new Geosphere.

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The Valour Field is not legible at all!

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Needless to say, with such an attractive model, the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary was hot out of the gate. Later, though, things seemed to quiet down, and wildly, this model could be had for a discount versus its original CHF 6,700 price. Most people blame the relative lull on the fact that Omega made 3,557 of these watches (plus another 557 in a trilogy set). That*s a lot for a ※limited§ edition, but I happen to think this one has broader appeal compared to most of the Speedmaster LEs.

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